Kinetic Computers will reshape the way you think about the computer industry. Finally, a customer-oriented technical support company you can rely on.

All of the computer service options are at your fingertips: business computer support, home technical support, and laptop/desktop messenger support. Whether home or office, you may leave your technical needs to us for certified and reliable, cost-effective IT solutions. Your business will receive top tech support with the utmost care and professionalism.

For home computer users, you will also receive priority treatment for your computer inquiries. Whether it’s your business or home, we understand you are looking for expertise, reliability, and swift attention. Here you can count on us to satisfy all your computer needs because of our genuine concern and dedication to satisfy your technical concerns and objectives.


* Qualified IT network support
* Desktop, and help desk expertise
* Business computer support
* Network maintenance solutions
* Server support
* Network support


* Onsite computer support
* Virus removal
* Spyware removal
* Home network installation
* Wireless internet network support
* Advanced email support